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Massachusetts’s Father’s Rights Lawyer

MA law is supposed to be unbiased and presume that Fathers are equal co-parents. However, the system is inherently biased and requires proactive measures for success.

As a father in a divorce or child custody case in MA it may seem like the mother holds all the cards. You May have been ousted from the house and have had access to your children curtailed. Often this is the weapon used against the father in these types of cases.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Remember these cases take a long time to come to conclusion and with a smart but individualized plan the outcome can be a successful one. In MA the presumption is supposed to be that a child does best when both parents are involved. However, father’s all too often find themselves not only fighting their ex but the bias against fathers in the court system as well.

Remember these steps to put yourself in the best possible situation.

1. Be proactive, way too many fathers sit back and let the system happen to them. Often only finding out that they let the situation get away from them. An experienced attorney early in the process can set a case strategy early.

2. Consistently advance your wishes to see your children. Document every request and the response. Do not sit back and wait. The courts can be slow and it’s important to get in early, often what occurs in the early stages sets the stage for the ultimate outcome.

3. Set-up a space in your new home for the child and take photos.

4. Do not engage in the petty fighting that your ex will try to engage in. You need to show that you are the reasonable and responsible parent.

5. Hire an attorney or at least consult an experienced father’s rights attorney right away. Your inaction will only cost you in the long run.

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