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Federal Criminal Defense

Massachusetts and New Hampshire Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a Federal Offense drastically increases the stakes. When you are being investigated by federal agencies like the FBI, DEA, ICE, IRS, or even the Federal Park Police the consequences are high. You will need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to help and advise you immediately. Attorney Newton has the experience you need and deserve from his years of experience as a NYC, NH State Police & Boston Prosecutor.

If You Receive Federal Criminal Grand Jury Subpoena or are Contacted by a Federal Agent

If you are summoned to appear before a Federal Criminal Grand Jury, it is important to contact a Federal Criminal defense lawyer immediately. In many situations, you may be the target of the federal government and will need the advice of an experienced lawyer to protect your rights.

Likewise, if you are contacted by a federal agent it is advisable to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. In many circumstances, you may be the target of the federal government or may unwittingly divulge information that will harm you later.

An experienced defense lawyer will be able to contact the federal agencies involved and determine if you are a witness or a target, advise you on any “5th amendment issues” and if necessary negotiate immunity or plea deals with the government.

If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime in MA or NH call today for a free consultation.

Common Federal Charges
• Federal Traffic Offenses
• Federal Sex Offenses – Child Pornography, Internet Sex Crimes
• Federal Drug Crimes – Possession with Intent to Distribute, Conspiracy
• Federal Firearm offenses
• Federal White Collar Crimes – Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud

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